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Strange Experience
Strange Worlds, Strange People, No Lies?
An Odd Disturbing Dream 
19th-Mar-2008 11:48 am
driving, deke, summer
I don't normally share my dreams with set groups here on LJ. However, it seemed that this one needed to be shown to this group. There's a LOT of symbolism here. I feel that I understand the symbols, but I'm rather shocked at what happened.

There was a group of us (maybe a total of three, I don't recall who they were) that were going to go caving. We had been to this cave numerous times (I know I've dreamt of this particular cave at least three times, even though there is no real world counterpart), and had never had any problems getting in, or anything like that.

When we reached the gift shop/entrance to the cave, we decided we were going to go in another entrance (we would need to hop a cow gate and walk no more than a mile, again, we'd done this numerous times). However, upon reaching the cow gate, we were stopped by a man. His appearance was very, very similar to the man heading up the 'trial' from the dream earlier this week (I've also placed a resemblance to him of Noah Bennett (Horn-Rimmed Glasses) from Heroes). He told us that we couldn't go to the cave at all.

We tried to tell him that we'd been there many times before, and that we were experienced cavers and knew what we were doing. He gave us the runaround, and fed us a line about disturbing the bats. All of us knew this for the BS that it was since it was Spring and the bats would have already been out of hibernation.

So we go into the gift shop to talk to the owner. The owner was friendly enough, like he always has been. We talked to him for a bit like old friends. It seems that he had children or maybe grandchildren there that were new to the location.

We told him about the man at the gate, and what he had said. The owner scoffed at the business about the bats, but still would not let us enter. He never gave a reason why, though.

That's about it for the dream. What makes it odd for me is that I've dreamt of caves for years and years now. I always took them to mean that I was entering a part of my subconscious mind, or at least learning more about myself. Normally in any dream involving a cave, I would always go further into the cave than I had been before, or at the very least discover a new section that I'd not been in.

Now these dreams, never seemed to related to anything in the 'real world'. There were never any startling revelations, or answers to problems, but at least there was a sense of accomplishment. This one worries me a bit because I've never, never been denied access to a cave. Sure there were times where getting in, or through a particular section may have been physically or emotionally trying, but I've always been able to enter the cave.

Throw in the fact that the man from the previous dream showed up again... I don't really know what to make of it.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or opinions on the matter?

8th-Dec-2008 04:44 am (UTC)
Just have to ask - are you a caver in real life, too? (I am)

Okay, my mystical take - (because first impressions are the most important)

This reminds me of a ritual a group of us friends once did, in which we were asked to do some "astral" journeying into different realms. Most of the participants were able to tell similar stories of their journey into the other realm, but I was told gently but firmly by guardians of the realm that I was not to enter - and when I persisted, I was undeniably turned away.

I suggest that the cave represents a portal to Elsewhere - this may be your subconscious, or an actual astral realm, or a parallel reality, or something else entirely. Whatever it is, doesn't want you there yet.
8th-Dec-2008 04:46 am (UTC)
By the way, I polled two of my magickal friends just now - both reported having "denial" dreams recently as well. One of them said he dreamt last night of arriving at a public pool just as the lifeguard was getting people out and locking the doors - the other friend dreamt of trying to make it to a job interview and not being able to find the interview's location until it was too late.
8th-Dec-2008 05:11 am (UTC)
I used to be a caver (and thank you for calling it that and not a spelunker, a sign of a true caver :^) For about two years I was the manager of the Appalachian Caverns Foundation, and even after being forced to quit, we'd still get together and go to a lot of the wild caves in the area (upper northeast Tennessee). However, that's been at least over ten years ago. I honestly don't remember the last time I went caving, and I wouldn't be able to at this point due to walking with a cane, and having no cartiledge in my right hip.

However, that's what made this such an odd dream. Knowing what I know about caves and their environs, I knew that the person keeping me out was not being truthful about the situation.

I agree that the cave was a portal of sorts, however, since I had been in this particular cave before, it doesn't make too much sense that it was someplace that I wasn't supposed to go yet. I had already been there before (and again, this wasn't just a dream analog of a cave that I've been to in 'real life'), and had been in the cave numerous times (I've dreamt about this particular cave at least five times, and had been in it and knew the layout pretty well.)

Now, I can see the possibility that it was a place that I wasn't supposed to go at that time. Considering that this dream happened back in March of this year (I don't know why it's showing up as a post now), and there has been plenty of chaos in my life due to physical and emotional elements since that time, it very well could have been something keeping me out for my own protection.

That's another point for you other comment. This dream occurred over half a year ago, so polling anyone at this point shouldn't be related to the dream in question. Not saying it's not a possibility, though.

Honestly, I don't believe that I've had any dreams about caves sense then. I know that I had a dream around the same time (can't remember if it was before or after this dream) about another familiar cave entrance, but it was more about the state of the bat population at the cave. This was close to the time that I had read about the declining bat population in the general area, and comparing it to the declining bee population.

However, I have had a few dreams since then involving houses, and discovering new areas in locations that I already knew (at least in the dream). These I've always applied to learning new information about myself. The house is my overall being, and finding something new represents discovering a new aspect to me.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to piece together what exactly the dreams were pointing out to me. There's been no major revelations. There's been no drastic changes. Life continues to be a hell of a bitch right now due to health issues. Granted, I was finally able to see a specialist at Duke University last month... This is after ten years of ongoing gastrointestinal problems. The specialist drew some blood labs, and the only thing that has shown up is a slightly decreased level of cortisol in my system. A lack of adrenaline, more or less.

So, yeah. This reply went on way too long. Sorry about that. Thank you though for your thoughts. They do make sense.

8th-Dec-2008 11:14 am (UTC)
Wow, you're so right about the time. I now see the datestamp on the entry - March. I have no idea why it didn't show up on my friends list until now.

Cavers rescue spelunkers ;)

I know what you mean about places you've been in the dream, which don't exist in real life - I, too, have recurrent "places" in dreams. In my dreams, sometimes the place has changed, or a new event is tied to it. Perhaps in the dream you were prevented going to the cave because something was happening in it, and the "bats" excuse was obvious BS simply to keep you out while the vent was taking pace - in much the same way a parent will "stall" a child from entering the room where the other parent is wrapping up a birthday gift.

If the whole dream actually took place in an "astral" or other realm, the gatekeeper figure may actually have been a citizen of that realm, dressed as a figure your dream self could interact with, positioned there to keep you out of the cave by whatever means necessary. Of course that then means the shopkeeper had to be one of "them," too.

I'm rambling, and I'm afraid I'm adding no extra insight to this.

Thanks for sharing your dream - I find it fascinating, and it "feels" like I can actually see it happening.
8th-Dec-2008 11:44 pm (UTC) - Well, Phooey
I had a wonderfully, overly long reply to this, and IE blew up on me. No wonder I prefer Firefox.

At any rate, I really like the analogy that you've used. The only problem is that these dreams never felt like they were in Tel'aron'rhiod (yeah, I'm a Jordan fan). They felt like important dreams, yes, but not Elsewhere.

There was a lot more to this, but I can't really find it again. Thanks for the insight, though, it's greatly appreciated.

There was something about a dream prior to this that told me to stop writing, or I'd be kept in an insane asylum. At the time, I was writing quite a bit (look for the tag 'Nakiel' in my main journal to see what I'm talking about), so I found it odd that my inner self was telling me to stop. The person that told me to stop appeared in the cave dreams, too (I'm pretty sure that's alluded to in the original post).

So, what all this means, I still don't really know. Unfortunately, I have stopped writing for a bit. Not because of the dream, in fact, I wrote even more after that dream just for spite. Just haven't had the head for it.

Maybe that's the reason this post showed up now, instead of back when it was originally posted. A co-inky-dink, if you will. I joined something called Holidailies the other day. Basically, I'm supposed to write something every day for the next 31 days. We'll see if that does anything to the dreams again.

Considering that my dreams have been more or less par for the course for the past few months, it will be interesting to see if anything new is strirred up.

Sorry for babbling. Like I said, the original response made a lot more sense. :^)

Thank you again, though for your insights. It's greatly appreciated. (Cavers rescue spelunkers. I love it!)

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