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Strange Experience
Strange Worlds, Strange People, No Lies?
For awhile now ,our family has been experiencing "spooky"… 
24th-Jul-2008 01:15 pm

For awhile now ,our family has been experiencing "spooky" things going on in our home and to us.
It's something we're used to,as our old home was possessed by the mean old lady's spirit who lived there before my parents moved in and we were born.

Legend is that she HATED kids,even threw rocks and stuff at the neighborhood kids(from what they told me)..so that explains why me and my brother have had SO much stuff go wrong in our lives with health,work,money issues,jobs,and personal issues..it's an eternal curse ..that moved to the NEW house with us:(

This all started when my parents ,friends had a party at the house,in the dining room(which is directly under my bedroom at the time),and a OUIJA BOARD and thought it'd be funny to channel Her spirit.T apparently they succeeded .
The next day they learned her husband had passed away.That chandelier never was so active..our chandelier in our new house also moves by itself,and my bedroom is guess where?-above the dining room.I never get any sleep anymore.

Last night on 7/16/08 something strange went on in my bedroom...

I came into my room ,had been gone all day/night(was sober too!).I noticed my fan wasn't on,because i like loud stuff to drain noises when i sleep..i thought that it had broken again.

Seems I have the worst luck with fans,they dont last very long.I  think the ENERGY is inside electrical equipment,tv's and stereo's..not to mention our drained batteries in camcorders and cameras.

I  went to check to see if it was on,it was Not..it was UNPLUGGED!
It was plugged into one of those strip power surge outlets on the floor,not a wall outlet.
I have a hard time pulling plugs out of it,usually have to put a foot or hand to pull them out.Whatever pulled it out had to have hands,feet ,or just lots of Energy?
I didn't turn it off,nor unplug it,it was 100 degrees up there,that'd be suicide!

So later ,after settling in,I heard my mother scream(sometimes i hear her screaming or calling my name and she said she didnt-FREAKY)

She said she felt someone TAP her arm and shoulder -TAP TAP ..she thought it was me..what's weird is that I heard whispers ,or fast speaking ,like whisper but faster,its hard to explain..lots of strange noises.

I heard noises in my closet,down in the basement ,2 floors away..and nobody was home ,except for me and my dog ,who was with me..lots of weird occurences.

Around 3 am,I hear my mom,brother ,and dog barking..we all heard something hit the top of the roof..we always hear things,most likely birds losing their path,hitting the house..but this was different..maybe the aliens are coming for us:(

Anyways after sharing our paranormal stories with eachother I realized that this week ,7 yrs ago,my best friend and co-worker had killed himself.He was only 20..I think he's watching over me,like a guardian angel.
Maybe It's his way of letting me know he's not forgotten about me ,or make sure I haven't forgot about him..which could never happen.

It's pretty scary.I didnt sleep ,had to keep light on low..usually i sleep with the tv on.I havent slept with the lights off in my bed by myself for ages.When I do things get very weird,more whispers ,or chants,lots of unexplained noises.

Last night around 11:45 pm 7/23/08:
I went to go to bed,opened my door and noticed immediately that my door didn't close because the fan usually blows it closed.I sit the fan facing the door and wall to avoid getting sniffles.
To my surprise,the fan was UNPLUGGED AGAIN! Twice in a week this has happened.I'm really freaking out and can't sleep in there anymore.

I hear strange things,voices,whispers,feel my body move out of place and feel like I'm convulsing and paralyzed .
I try to speak,or scream ,but nothing comes out..it's all very strange and scary to feel this way.

It's getting so weird ,we talked about moving .We had the same problem at our old home 8 years ago.That was a scary place.
Even the priest was scared .He came out to bless the house when my parents moved in.
He didn't stay long,in fact,he ran out saying there is too much evil in this house.

My question is who is doing this to my fan?and why is it happening.Can spirits follow you?
How can you tell if there are bad ones or good ones?
Is it possible for them to live through electrical products ..such as Fans,Appliances,Lights/Bulbs,and camera/phones?

We haven't had much luck with those things working properly and batteries drain fast.Lightbulbs don't last more than a few days . Lights go on and off when we walk near them(sometimes)..even after we tighten the bulb up.
Fans unplug by themselves(in my room),they turn off and on,go at different speeds during the night.

Our gates to keep the dog from going through the house also falls to the ground..with nobody near them.

One night Me,Mom and my dog were watching Tv & one of the gates to the Dining Room just fell over by itself.

The dining room at the old house is where the activity was ,my room was above that room then and is above the dining room now.

My dad saw our chandelier here also move and sway.There were no fans &no air coming through the ducts either.

So if anyone has any explanations,theories,thoughts,advice,or help in any way..please contact me.I'm open to anything.

8th-Dec-2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
My ghost cat followed me from my old apartment to the new house. I suppose a malavolent spirit could do the same thing. Aside from the priest 8 years ago, what have you tried to get rid of this thing?
5th-Feb-2009 09:19 am (UTC)
Well i have my little army of Dark Arts that helps me against these things if I want them too..
I would suggest you to get a Harpy, Hellhound, Wraith and maybe a Basilisk, that should do the trick :)

Darkest Blessings....
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