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The following article was written collaboratively between caelum_rainieri and myrrhmade who some of you may recognise. I have caelum_rainieri's permission to post this to dark_experience and darkpaganism so enjoy!

Original Article: http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=uswa&c=words&id=12108

Blood Oaths: Making Them and Breaking Them

Author: Caelum Rainieri
Posted: November 18th. 2007
Times Viewed: 1,053

(written by Caelum Rainieri and Ivory Andersen)


For as long as human beings have been able to make oaths, they have frequently used blood to seal them. Blood oaths have been used to form a life-long bond and/or binding by a wide variety of Pagan and Heathen groups, mainstream religions, secret societies, warrior clans, criminal brotherhoods, and even between teacher and student in feudal Japan’s martial Ryu.

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1st-Nov-2007 11:25 pm - A ward against a psychic vampire.
Well, since glasswalker33 mentioned Konstantinos (aw, he's a goth! It's so cute! And he's in a rock band too! If only my world were made of Jell-o my heart would be black with chocolate syrup and things would make sense again!...) and, let's face it, Konstantinos wrote a whole book on vampires...here.

To me, the psychic vampire is one of the few monsters we can learn about in fairy tales somewhat. That is, in fairy tales the hero (that's you) always makes some little mistake in the non-sensical tasks she is being asked to perform. She drinks wine of white, yellow, red, and falls down dead. She brings hawthorn into the house or carries a coal out of it.

The point is, as vigilent as we are there are just too many exceptions to the rules. It is very very difficult not to get affected by a psychic vampire - and they're awfully common.

Point 1: For the Universe (let's stick with the Universe, else a Multi-verse will get me off on a tangent and me writing any other Verses could take all night) That is, for the Universe, psychic vampirism is just another occasion of one being taking from another.

Point 2: Preventing other beings from taking our energy is quite difficult!

Point 3: A better tactic may be to keep the self scattered. To use more than one name. To change one's attire and be recognized differently. The Universe is a poor accountant.

Point 4: The aspiring magician can emulate the gods or take on their likenesses. Or anyone else for that matter.

Now, the part you've all been waiting for is simply this. When there is a risk of attack, of being drained to the point where your eyes are drooping, arrange to go somewhere first that is safe and visualize leaving part of yourself as you were before the encounter at this safe place. I cannot say how many times I've tucked the bedcovers around my sleeping self knowing that I would regret getting out of bed that day. In fact, I encourage some kind of acknowledgement of this other self like leaving it a snack or having a brief conversation with it. The Universe is sometimes easily fooled, or, like the government, just doesn't really care.

At this point I am tempted to start complaining about how many people I've met who complain about getting pestered by psychic vampires. Tough, I say. Happens. Hard to prevent. You can't always have parchment with Abracadabra written just so on it, or a fistful of salt, or be in the right mindset. Go live on a mountain and nap all day and still some hungry spirit might come wandering in with its own uses for your under-utilized poder. Indirectly, free will leads to psychic vampirism. Funny sort of lifestyle choice, but there it is.

Here is a website for you, about vampires (also about other things if you look around a bit. Personally I printed off the whole thing and want to meet the guy someday):

driving, deke, summer
In my opinion this will fall under the area of wards. I guess it would be a ward against police, or possibly a ward against traffic problems. Technically, it's a simple invisibility 'spell', and I don't know if I can even call it that.

This came from a mish-mash of sources, but they all seem to play well together. First there's the object to ward off evil. In this case, it's a purple uniceratops Pokemon thing from a kid's meal at Burger King from ages ago. As long as it's somewhat frightening, or threatening, that works. It's placed on the dash of my vehicle facing the road, scaring off any 'evil spirit' that may come my way. Typical use of an object as a ward.

Then after reading a few things from Konstantinos (There was a link here to Amazon's listing for this author, but for some reason, the browser's not parsing it right, yadda, yadda, so just search for Konstantinos, if you're not familiar with him.) I added another aspect to it. I would build up 'casual power' (nothing ritualistic about it, just build up some energy, like when you get that feeling at the base of the skull), and empower the figure to constantly maintain a sphere/shield of darkness around the vehicle. It would be like looking through sun glasses as you sat in the car after the ward was activated. From the outside, it would look like a globe of inky darkness. These are visualizations here, not what actually happens, mind you. Every time I got in the car, I would charge the figure for its purpose and be on my way.

It has grown since then. Basically weaving the charm around the figure, and then tying off the strands and knotting them so that they couldn't unravel. I summoned/created a eregore (I believe that's the name that I'm looking for) to stay in the figure for this purpose as well as general protection while traveling. When I get in the vehicle and head on my way, I activate it with the command 'Activate and protect.' (the phrase I used when summoning/creating the eregore initially). At first, I would 'turn off' the ward whenever I would get out of the vehicle. I have since taught it that when I get out, it can rest and do as it pleased. I still will activate it again once I get back in the car (even when it's something as simple and quick as going in to pay for my gas).

I do 'feed' it from time to time, building up power and sending it into the figure. I also have it sitting on a black pad (one of those vinyl type pads that you can get to put your glasses or change or lighter or what not on so they won't slide across your dash). This is for two purposes. 1)it keeps the figure in place, and 2) it's also a tribute to Blacktop who governs all roads.

I really hope that made sense. It's late, I'm in a crap ton of pain, and I'm just not thinking straight. However, when wards were mentioned as a topic, this is the first thing that came to my mind.

Thanks for reading.

12th-Oct-2007 09:28 am(no subject)
I'll post some of my direct experiences when I'm more awake/coherent. It's raining and I can't concentrate on the computer while the Storm King keeps demanding my attention. I'm Jack, 22, and sort of a white neo-shaman, I guess. I wouldn't have chosen the life, but it chose me, so what choice do I have? Coyote, White Tiger, the Storm King, the Grey One ... even if the totems weren't after me, the local spirits sure are. I don't know which lead to which, but either way, the spirits interact with me and my life regardless of whether I seek them out or not. Hence, despite my natural scientific mindset, or indeed, not despite but because of, I've accepted them. I used to really want to find a way to empirically demonstrate them, but I'm not so sure anymore. I'm not sure I want other humans to find them.

Among many other things, the pyrotes steal my damn lighters. Just the other day, one vanished. I set it down, turned away from it for literally five seconds, turned back, and it was gone. I tore apart the whole room looking for it, with two other people. It was nowhere to be found. Then I sat down again somewhere else and glanced beside me -- there it was.

Later the same day, it vanished again, and I said aloud, "Dammit, give it back." And the lighter literally FLEW out of some point in the air, as if someone had thrown it, and tumbled to the floor.

It's one thing to know they're doing it; it's quite another to personally see them throw things around.

I'm rather glad the little brats can't cross the Wall, actually ...
11th-Oct-2007 03:13 pm - Wards 1
We are beings made of many types of energy.

A ward disrupts that energy, re-routes that energy, or can be perceived as a threat to that energy. This is the theory behind the practice.

So, what can validly be called a ward occurs in nature. A ward is not just a membrane that one may walk through. It can take that form, but it can also take the form of a constant alarm that one feels in a certain area.

Here I must add that I'm more accustomed to feeling wards than to actually setting them up. Otherwise I might be better about writing about them.

Why is mistletoe a good charm against fairies? Why hang an iron horseshoe above your door? Do you even count these as wards or are they charms since they're physical representations of a ward? What about that famous circle of protection to be drawn in chalk? Does the pattern a tree drops its leaves in on the ground protect the tree from the spirits of the dead that wander this time of year in the northern hemisphere?

Hm, speaking on a topic has led me to a lot of speculation. Back to experience!

Just about anything seems to protect against psychic vampires. Their grasping is like the weakest form of radiation...usually. Iron, salt, acorns, red thread/knotwork, and many others protect against casual attacks.

When a ward is static, that is in one place only, it is best to divert it. The universe is frequently easily fooled. A bug or a small doll can render a careful intruder...not invisible, but it can lend the appearance of something misleading. Tying a string around both wrists and both ankles and one around the waist, and also touching everything only with the right hand are moderately good protection against icky boobytrap wards. Again, the intruder has to be very careful.

Okay, you can condemn me for going places that people don't want me to go now. Fine. Hey, sometimes you need to know what's in that box. Sometimes it's just the fact that there's a ward there at all. It makes something stick out. Besides, I know you're thinking of that special place where you keep your "naughty" books and your icons and whatever, but, to keep long stories short, that's not the sort of place I generally look into when I have to go through a ward to get there.
Okay. Warding. For about 3 months!

Unless it's really (and I mean REALLY) relevant to your own experience, let's not quibble over the definition of a ward, okay? It's boring, it's pointless, and if you wander off topic you're still adding to the community. (Though I suppose if you start talking about something very mundane I'll take you off of the automatically approved list.) What is a ward TO YOU? Even better, how do you apply the concept? How have others applied the concept?

I'm thinking that most of the people here are not just those who have only seen ghosts - though we do have a lot of those - but also people who have made a real active study of the supernatural. That is, I'm thinking we've got some real occultists here. Some people who not only accept that there are...certain unexpected alternatives in this reality, shall we say...but also who examine the potentials of these alternatives.

(And by alternatives I mean that the world is more than mud and stone. That if you want to see an angel or a fairy then maybe you can. If you want to see through the eyes of a bird or ask local daimons to bring rain then maybe you can. Alternatives.)

So, it's not the only thing to write about, it's just a suggested topic. I also recommend that you make references to things you have read or heard.

Thank you all for making this community what it is! I personally have a lot to post on this topic as soon as I have time.
15th-Sep-2007 06:54 pm(no subject)
elven glare

I am new to this community - although not to LJ :) And hope to join in a lot of interesting discussions and learn a lot here. :) I am 27, from England. An eclectic pagan - into druidry, wicca, shamanism and Egyptian magic, as well as being interested in most aspects of the occult, and the paranormal, with especial interest in reincarnation, otherkin, lucid dreaming and astral travel, what in Celtic mythology is called the otherworld,  Atlantis, art inspired by dreams and mystical experience, it all fasciantes me, and I have had lots of experiences, which, in the Rational World, would be called bizarre to say the least, hence the fact that I am not posting with "this happened and that happened". 

life is for learning, is it not? hope that I will enjoy being here, and nice to meet you all...:)
10th-Sep-2007 02:40 pm - Schedule.

I'm giving us all until September 23 (the autumn equinox according to the website below) at midnight to talk about what topic we want to especially focus on in the coming quarter of the year. From September 23 until December 22 that will be the suggested topic. Naturally, you're all welcome to write about other things if the mood takes you.

Personally, if no one says anything against it, I'll make it the topic of warding since I might have some material on that that I haven't written about here before. It's super general so it's easy to write about without doing research...that may or may not be a selling point for some of you.

Hm, is there something you know about that very few of us in the community are likely to have heard of? Please put down your suggestions, even if you are new to the community and have not posted before!

14th-Aug-2007 12:08 pm - Teaching themes by equinox.
This has become a rather sleepy community. I'm not really complaining since by using the veto power I've probably made it that way. However, we're a knowledgeable bunch. Lets give each quarter of the year a theme to teach about, even if every post is not about that. I'd like to hear about some practical working people have done or heard about. My initial ideas are:


Not necessarily in that order. Please tell me what you think of this?
14th-Aug-2007 11:52 am - Breaking machines.
Are highly psychic people more likely to break machines? Are people who work with certain gods more likely to have machines around them break or malfunction? Or is it all in our heads? In this time of upheaval, my household is having particular troubles with machines working with water. Anyone else having difficulties?

I have to admit that the breakdown of machinery fits with holographic theory, field theory, and even works with the Mage (old WoD) role-playing system. And yet...is there anything we can do to keep our gadgets from going bust? And really, it's not like all the old pagan gods all hate technology!

Oh, any luddite out there want to argue that the old pagan gods really do hate technology? For most of the gods, I can knock that argument right down.
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