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Strange Experience
Strange Worlds, Strange People, No Lies?
Community update 
30th-Sep-2011 06:12 pm
Given recent problems with spam comments in this community (advertisers) I've increased the security of this community slightly. I've changed it so that only members can post, and that joining the community requires approval from a moderator. I also removed anyone from the memberlist whose name shows as crossed out, since that usually means they were banned from LJ.

Furthermore, since I don't use LJ regularly anymore, if anyone would like to take up moderation responsibility for this community, please let me know. A newer, more active owner might be able to spice up this community and make it active again. :)
1st-Oct-2011 06:55 am (UTC)
sorry to hear that. i myself have been through this too regarding one of my communities i administer. i would love to take responsibility for moderating this one, but sadly my schedule these days doesn't allow me to give my word i will check everyday, i hope there are more people willing to do that.
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